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Electric inductive melting furnaces (10 t);
Moulding lines:

Type of equipment

Size of forming box, mm

Casting weight per forming box, kg

Capacity, tons/year

Automatic forming lines
Automatic line “Multomatic 40.5” 1000x800x300/300 50 - 90 12000
Automatic line “AFA-30” 800x500x200/200 15 - 30 3500
Manual moulding
Manual moulding section (with Furan resins) According to the need 100 - 5000 5000
Continuous casting lines for cast iron bars
Profiles Diameter (mm) Length (mm)  
Round ø 20,…,30 up to 3500  
Square 20x20,…, 350x350 up to 3500  
Rectangular 20x25,…, 300x600 up to 3500  
Machining complex with universal and CNC machine tools
(grinding, milling, drilling, turning)